Merry Christmas, Everybody! It's a Wonderful Time of the Year: ) Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate this wonderful Jewish holiday. Our love and friendship go out to our friends who have spent so many fun evenings with us. You have been wonderful!

We're having a lot of fun delivering the harmonies and slaying the telecaster solos! Come and join us for dinner and a show! Ken, Rick, and Duane to make it a fun evening. Warning: you should work out a couple of weeks prior to the date.... you will be dancing!

Plan well! It's a busy Holiday schedule... come and join us for a Christmas party in the large music hall at WiseGirl-PH! With planning it could be the hit of the season. Drummer MIKE GAY will help sparkle the room with tinsel and lights!

The TUNERIDERS love to perform! Excellent arrangements, vocal harmonies, and sizzling guitar solos are a delight to our audiences. Their pristine performances of 60s/70s/80s covers of the legendary hits will thrill you!

Ken Cooper, "Mr. East Bay", will challenge your imagination with soaring solos that change with each performance. Come and hear something new!

The TUNERIDERS play to an audience of 3,000 at Todos Santos Park, Concord .