HOME SWEET HOME! The RELLIK PATIO is large and nicely appointed. Two high-peaked white tents give shade to all. The paver stones give a classy look and provide a great dance floor. The overstuffed patio future is comfortable and looks great! Great food and beverages complete the picture for a great night out on the town! Oh yeah, we'll provide the fireworks and the memories through the performance of 60s-70S-80s legendary hits!

What a blast! We had a tremendous evening at this big-time auto show in Alamo! Bill Younger was fabulous on drums! We enjoyed playing to a great audience and car on-lookers. Looking forward to next September's event!


Our 60s - 80s rock music fits in nicely with the car-show ambiance! Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Eagles, David Bowie, Surf tunes - Ventures, etc, Dire Straits, Van Morrison, Queen, Tom Petty, Sam and Dave, Creedance, The Byrds... OLDIES!

The TUNERIDERS love to perform! Excellent arrangements, vocal harmonies, and sizzling guitar solos are a delight to our audiences. Their pristine performances of 60s/70s/80s covers of the legendary hits will thrill you!

Ken Cooper, "Mr. East Bay", will challenge your imagination with soaring solos that change with each performance. Come and hear something new!

The TUNERIDERS play to an audience of 3,000 at Todos Santos Park, Concord .