TUNERIDERS - a very talented and professional group
The TUNERIDERS Band has performed at Dallimonti's many times in the past and have wowed the crowd each time they play.

They are a very talented and professional group; they are ready to perform on time, they rarely take a break, there is never a problem with them playing too loud, and they can read each crowd as to what your patrons would like to hear.

You will find the band brings lots of their fans when they play; they have an enthusiastic following and will surely help ring your cash registers.

We have owned and operated our restaurant and bar for 33 years and have listened to many bands.You will find that the TuneRiders are a fun band and would recommend booking them when you can.

You won't be disappointed...

Ron Dallimonti

*****    Expertise
*****    Communication
*****    Professionalism
*****    Priced Fairly
*****    Adaptability
Reviewer:            Ron Dallimonti
Organization:      Dallimont's Restaurant
Event:                   Nightclub Event in Pleasant Hill, CA
Event Date:         Apr 26, 2014, Sep 6, 2014 and Nov 14, 2015
Hired As:             Cover Band

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Great, even last minute!
I booked these guys for my wedding which was very last minute. Thankfully, because it was January, low season, they were able to perform at my wedding. They were very easy to communicate with and warm and friendly. I didn't have much time to plan on which songs they would play so I let the band know and they were able to take the reigns on choosing their set. They were very self-managing and survived off little direction from me. My even helpers gave them some direction while at the wedding and they went with the flow. 

There were no snags in set up or tear down. Great sounding music quality and vocal talent! Lots of hits that everyone recognized! The volume was loud enough to dance and sing to but quiet enough for easy communication for my guests. If we need them again, I won't hesitate to book!

*****    Expertise
*****    Communication
*****    Professionalism
*****    Priced Fairly
*****    Adaptability
Reviewer:            Karen
Event:                  Wedding Reception in Castro Valley, CA
Event Date:         Jan 30, 2016
Hired As:             Cover Band
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Tuneriders will please you and your guests.
The Tuneriders are one of our favorite bands playing regularly at the First St. Cafe. The reason for this is simple. They do what they say they are going to do. They are on time for all gigs. They draw a great crowd at every performance. Their flexibility when something comes up and we need to reschedule. They are just a pleasure to work with. I'm looking forward to booking them for many more events in the future.

*****      Expertise
*****      Communication
*****      Professionalism
*****      Priced Fairly
*****      Adaptability
Reviewer:          Mark Krull
Organization:    First St. Cafe
Event:                 Nightclub Event in Benicia, CA
Event Dates:     Monthly since Dec, 2012 to present
Hired As:           Cover Band

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John Sanderwood -

"These guys are just as good live. I was grinning all night! I ask my friend if they were lip-syncing.....I am blown away, Tuneriders. Nice variety of styles." - First Street Cafe, Benicia

Ashlyn Belen - 

"I have seen you at First Street Cafe and now heard these recordings. You guys sound so great live, I am happy there are now recordings that are just as fun to listen too. The recording of "America" was my favorite!" - Pyramid Alehouse, Walnut Creek