Hard to imagine... High-quality covers of the legendary hits, ALL IN ONE EVENING! Keep your cool and find “new energy” this Friday night!

Rick's new guitar: PRS CE 24. Click on the picture and read up on it. 

Carlos Santana has played PRS guitars for many years.

NEW TUNES: “Hello Goodbye”, Beatles, “How Long”, Ace, “The Way”, Fastball, “Now and Then”, Beatles' new AI release.

Come and Ken Cooper fire rounds of telecaster solos and Rick Abbott screaming like a teenager. Come and have a blast with Rick, Ken, and Duane (the best bass player/vocalist in the East Bay).

Duane Campbell is 1st tier bass player. He is smooth, precise, and sets a rock-solid groove to which the band punches out dance numbers and concert delights. He is exciting to watch. Duane is an excellent backup singer.

Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Rick Abbott has a great Lennon/McCartney voice and Mick Jagger-style bluesy vocals. Love ballads and Latin rock are also in Rick's repertoire. He is also known for his teenage screams several times during each performance.

Ken Cooper is a master. He makes the guitar do what he wants. He shreds Dire Straights and plays soulful Danny Gatton blues, crunchy rock, or smooth jazz. He will challenge your imagination with soaring solos that change with each performance. Ken is also an excellent lead singer for the TUNERIDERS.